Wall of the Arts

Initiated in 2002, The Wall of the Arts serves as an ongoing fundraiser for KLSD ArtsALIVE.  It is a permanent installation of engraved, brass name plaques which honors students, educators, mentors, group ensembles and loved ones. The Wall gives the community the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of individuals and also provides a means of commemorating and thanking an individual for his or her contributions to the JJ community or the community at large. The Wall offers benefactors the ability to celebrate the artists, musicians, writers, performers, and devoted community members who make this district unique.

The motifs, designed by Lauren Richel class of 2002, represent writing, music, visual arts and the performing arts. They are framed and mounted in the foyer outside the JJHS theatre and are the centerpiece of “The Wall of the Arts.”  As a gift they make a lasting memory – as well as a valuable contribution to the longevity of the arts at our school.

The Wall of the Arts serves as an ongoing fundraiser for KLSD ArtsAlive, the arts booster club of the District.

Motifs designed by Lauren Richel, class of 2002

Samples of Current Wall of the Arts plaques!

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