End of the Year Reception

End of Year Reception 2019

Congratulations to all of the graduates and Students who had moving up ceremonies in the Katonah-Lewisboro School District!It was a wonderful year in the Arts which culminated with a touching tribute to our retiring Performing and Visual Arts Faculty at the KLSD ArtsALIVE End of Year Reception for the Arts, June 11, 2019Honoring retiring Performing And Visual Arts Faculty – Judi Offenberg and Steven Morse – as well as to our graduating Seniors of the Class of 2019 who are continuing their education in the Arts, the KLSD ArtsALIVE Scholarship Recipients of 2019 and Underclassmen Achievements in the Arts!Many thanks to Maryann Davis for creating this video for all of us to enjoy!Have a wonderful summer!

Posted by KLSD ArtsAlive on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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Congratulations Class of 2019!

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Variety Show ’19

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JJHS Underclassmen Awards for the Arts 2018-19

Visual Art

Excellence in Drawing and Painting : Alexandra Kasel,  Anne Kennedy, Esme Matthews & Brianna Garofolo

Excellence in Photography: Abigail Dodes & Madison Kiley

Excellence in Film Making: Drew Shapiro & Paul Esposito

Excellence in Ceramics: Morgan Johnson & Eve Chipman

Performing Arts  

Excellence in Acting:  Riley Bryggman

Excellence in Band Studies: Victoria Fenton,  Michael Murphy & Bian Suzuki-Wolf

Excellence in Orchestra Studies:  Sophie Guo,  Morgan Fost & Audrey Bond

Excellence in Choral Music: Katie Gebbia & Casey Wilcox

Excellence in Technical Theater:  Mariel Richardson & Evan Calves

Excellence in Music Theory: Jackson Francis,  Aidan Coplan, Hunter McKendry,  Finn Scherer

Excellence in Music Technology: John Civetta,  Jack Mango, Lily Oyen,  Henry Shapiro & Daniel Zitomer

Outstanding Performance in NYS School Music Assoc. Competition: Daniel Zitomer


Excellence in Architecture:  Nicholas Petrella,  Sophia Rice, Eliza Leddy,  Martin Stuttman, Tyler Petschek,  Rachel Laemle

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John Jay Middle School Arts Night

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Arts Alive Needs You!

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JJMS Spring Concerts

Monday May 20th Band Concert 7pm JJMS Theater

Wednesday May 29th Orchestra Concert 7pm JJMS Theater

Monday June 10th Arts Night at the JJMS 6-8pm JJMS

Jazz Band 6:15 in the JJMS Library

Chorus Concert / 14th Harmony 7pm in the JJMS Theater

Visual arts student art will be displayed throughout the school.  More information about this part of the event, including a full map with the locations of student work will be sent out to families via connect ed closer to the event.

John Jay Middle School Spring Concerts

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Order a Wall of the Arts Plaque

The Wall of the Arts offers benefactors the opportunity to celebrate the artists, musicians, writers, performers and devoted community members who make this district unique.

Get Your Plaque Today!!

The cost of the plaque is $135.00, which is tax-deductible.

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One Act Plays

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Spring Concert Series 2019

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IMES Teacher Wishlist

Contribute to the Increase Miller Elementary School teacher wishlist.

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KLSD calendar of events

June 2019

  • June 4th…..IMES Band/Chorus Concert 7:00 pm
  • June 7-8……JJHS Variety Show 
  • June 10th….. JJMS Choral Concert 7:00 pm
  • June 10th…..JJMS Arts Night
  • June 12th…….IMES Strings Concert 7:00 pm
  • June 12th……KES Band/Chorus Concert 7:00 pm
  • June 17th…….KES Strings Concert
  • June 19th…….MPES Strings Concert 7:00 pm

Please see our Events Page for more Events:


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Elementary Spring Series


Tuesday, June 4th: Increase Miller Band and Chorus Concert @ 7pm at JJMS Theater

Thursday, June 6th: Katonah Elementary School Band and Chorus Concert @ 7pm

Wednesday, June 12th: Meadow Pond Elementary School Band and Chorus Concert @ 7pm JJMS Theater

Wednesday, June 12th: Increase Miller Strings Concert @ 7pm at IMES

Monday, June 17th:  Katonah Elementary School Strings concert @ 7pm

Wednesday, June 19th: Meadow Pond Elementary School Strings concert @ 7pm JJMS Theater


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In the Media

John Jay High School Students Display Artwork

Check out our media coverage of the Rite of Spring Art Show!


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IMES’s 5th grade play, Willy Wonka

IMES’s 5th grade play, Willy Wonka, opens tomorrow! Willy Wonka, Charlie Bucket, Augustus Gloop, the Oompa-Loompa Chorus & the other wonderful characters have been rehearsing for months with April Higgins, music teacher & director, and are ready to delight you!#KLActiveLearning KLSD ArtsAlive


IMES 5th Grade Play

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