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JJHS Underclassmen Awards for the Arts 2019-2020

Visual Art

Excellence in Drawing and Painting : Robyn Graygor and Drew Aaron

Excellence in PhotographyCasey Richman and Margaret Gereghty

Excellence in CeramicsMolly Hickey and Owen Hughes

Performing Arts  

Excellence in Acting:  Riley Bryggman, Tristan Galler, Scott Weinstein and Casey Wilcox

Excellence in Band StudiesAmelia Walsh, Scott MacDonald, Kyle Dickson and Ara Beigi

Excellence in Orchestra Studies:  Finn Scherer and Laurence Martin

Excellence in Choral MusicJessica Martin and Casey Wilcox

Excellence in Technical Theater:  Ruby Bochicchio-Sipos

Excellence in Music TheorySeneca Schwartz, Nate Greenspan,
Reagan Georgi and Patrick Rockett

Excellence in Music TechnologyRiley Bryggman, Maddie Jahaly,
Jonathan Frantz and Nick Puccio


Excellence in Architecture:  Millie Peacock, Elizabeth Cusato, Sofie
Rice and Nick Petrella

JJHS Underclassmen Awards for the Arts 2018-2019

Visual Art

Excellence in Drawing and Painting : Alexandra Kasel,  Anne Kennedy, Esme Matthews & Brianna Garofolo

Excellence in Photography: Abigail Dodes & Madison Kiley

Excellence in Film Making: Drew Shapiro & Paul Esposito

Excellence in Ceramics: Morgan Johnson & Eve Chipman

Performing Arts  

Excellence in Acting:  Riley Bryggman

Excellence in Band Studies: Victoria Fenton,  Michael Murphy & Bian Suzuki-Wolf

Excellence in Orchestra Studies:  Sophie Guo,  Morgan Fost & Audrey Bond

Excellence in Choral Music: Katie Gebbia & Casey Wilcox

Excellence in Technical Theater:  Mariel Richardson & Evan Calves

Excellence in Music Theory: Jackson Francis,  Aidan Coplan, Hunter McKendry,  Finn Scherer

Excellence in Music Technology: John Civetta,  Jack Mango, Lily Oyen,  Henry Shapiro & Daniel Zitomer

Outstanding Performance in NYS School Music Assoc. Competition: Daniel Zitomer


Excellence in Architecture:  Nicholas Petrella,  Sophia Rice, Eliza Leddy,  Martin Stuttman, Tyler Petschek,  Rachel Laemle

JJHS Underclassmen Awards for the Arts 2017-2018


Future Artists 2018: Emma Dollar, & Emily Knowlton

Excellence in Drawing and Painting : Sammy Ofer

Excellence in Photography:  Emma-Lotta Purho

Excellence in Film Making:  William Lee

Excellence in Ceramics:  Sophia Walsh

Performing Arts  

Excellence in Acting:  Angelina Cerami

Excellence in Band Studies: Jordan Schwartz & Liliana Carey

Excellence in Orchestra Studies:  Faith Willett & Sona Minasian

Excellence in Choral Music:  Sona Minasian & William Lee

Excellence in Technical Theater:  Abigail Wilson

Excellence in Music Theory:  Aidan Coletta

Excellence in Music Technology: Ryan Cummings, Jools Dembo, Jay Frantz,

Jack McMahon, Lily Owen, Henry Sapiro & Kylie Vinslay


Excellence in Architecture: James Meikle, Jasper Meikle, Eliza Leddy,

Isabella Bellencourt, Sandra Radin & Angela Huang

Excellence in Designing:  Donald Engelhart & Annika Bruch

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