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Film Festival

Working with students and faculty, we organized four film festivals. Looking forward to reviving the tradition soon!

The Fourth Annual JJHS Film Festival!



The Third Annual JJHS Film Festival!

Get your tickets by clicking on this eventbrite link.

The Second Annual John Jay Film Festival was held on May 18, 2012 at Caramoor, attended by a sold-out crowd to resounding success.

Here is the list of student filmmakers and their films:

Petrit Kendezi
Pandoras Box, narrative 4:54
A young boy stumbles upon a mysterious box only to discover the horrors within.

Emma Callen
Macbeth, stop motion animation, 1:50
This stop motion video is about the torment that Lady Macbeth went through after the murder of the king.

Chris Beckett
Down, action, 4:33
This video follows the longboarding of Ryland Bates.

Connor McCune
Alone, narrative, 5:39
A girl wakes up after a terrible dream and discovers that she is the last person on earth.

Elena Gallagher
Attack of the Origami Pigs, stop motion animation, 1:00
This short stop motion animation is of origami pigs running around and causing trouble.

Maxwell Savo and Adam Weiss
Cornelius Copes with the World, comedy, 2:38
The short story of a boy who has left his house for the first time

Kyle Abrams
Rockin It, documentary, 3:35
A short musical video capturing the atmosphere and energy of a climbing gym.

Laurel Chase
Depression, experimental documentary, 2:30
An abstract video on depression in high school.

Emma Housman
The Tell Tale Heart, narrative, 5:00
Based on Edgar Allen Poes short story The Tell Tale Heart

John Cody
Meat Man, stop motion animation, 2:14
A classic case of meat gone spoiled.

Sam Wolfson
The Dreamer, narrative, 6:15
A teen boy goes on a date that ends up in a rendezvous with a close friend and brings to question their sanity.

Jackson Grzywacz
Troubled Dreams, music video, 2:38
The story of a girls dreams, when her life is in constant confusion.

Julia Zuckerberg
A Primitive Treasure, silent film, 5:34
In this short film four hikers journey into the wilderness only to have their Iphones snatched away by a pestering primate.

Sarah White/Russell Ohnemus
Silence of the Lobsters, narrative, 2:22
An adaptation of the Silence of the Lambs with a twist.

Helen Eifert
Spring Skiing, stop motion animation, 1:42
A stop motion animation about a skier who spends her day on the slopes without any snow.

Julia Zuckerberg
Foil and Ink, stop motion animation, 0:47
Foil creatures move out and about in a surreal environment.

Lindsey Mulcahey
Sight, documentary portrait, 4:33
A portrait of my grandmothers life described by my mother.

Molly Lobell
Up And Away, stop motion animation, 0:52
A girl goes outside to play to blow up some balloons but ends up flying away.

Erik Reeves
MagSk8, stop motion 0:59
A short stop motion film of a sequence of skateboarders doing various tricks on household items.

Ryland Bates
Ready to Roll, stop motion animation, 0:41
My skateboard puts itself together to some tunes.

Petrit Kendezi
Monopoly, stop motion 0:54
The pieces of monopoly come to life in this playful stop motion video.

Morgan Moschetta
Perfect, public service announcement, 1:12
Society has taught us that we need to act a certain way, dress a certain way and think a certain way- we have to be perfect. There is no perfect.

Christoph Sawyer-Colon
Homophobia in High School, documentary, 10:00
What was your high school experience like? When did you come out? What can society do to further acceptance?

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