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November 5, 2018 Minutes: KLSD ArtsALIVE Board of Directors Meeting

KLSD ArtsALIVE Board of Directors Meeting

November 5, 2018

Call to Order:

KLSD ArtsALIVE Co-President Colleen Cerami called the regular meeting of the KLSD ArtsALIVE Board to order at 7:00 p.m. at the John Jay Middle School conference room.

Roll Call:

The following Board Members / Committee Reps were present:

  • Colleen Cerami
  • Maureen Birmingham
  • Liz Gebbia
  • Amanda Godsoe
  • District Liaison Vinnie Bell
  • Topaz LeTourneau
  • Soren Klares
  • Monica Bermiss, JJMS Rep


The following Board members / Committee Reps were not present:

  • Julie Oyen
  • Gia Miller
  • Andrew Meikle
  • Jen Dembo
  • Barbara Milone
  • Mary Ann Davis
  • Deb Spieler
  • Sarah McMahon
  • Lauren Doyle
  • Margaret Adasko
  • Lori McQuade
  • Kathleen Fay Wisehart
  • Angelina Cerami



Opening Comments:

Colleen noted since a quorum was not established, it was decided to hold off on any voting for this meeting including the minutes from the October meeting.

She announced the following Board changes –

  • Maria Colaco resigned
  • Gia Miller with Robin Reines will co-lead PR
  • Jen Dembo will help with photog coordinator for events, in addition to merchandise

Concerning a previous grant request, Vinnie Bell reported that the JJHS art teachers will support art students attending the forensic art class presented by a guest artist. The science teacher is also supportive of having the art students participate. This detail is important as it was a key factor in deciding on the grant request.

JJMS Update:

Colleen welcomed Monica Bermiss as the official liaison for John Jay Middle School and noted that Monica and Sorin have met recently. Monica discussed opportunities for ArtsALIVE to become more part of the culture at JJMS, such as MS students participating in a HS concert or performing in a daytime concert rather than in the evening.

Monica shared a potential activity that involves a local artist in collaboration with dancer and DJ. She said it’s a very different and unique artistic experience; a painter paints a dancer who dances on a canvas while the DJ plays hip-hop music. The DJ can also go into the history of hip-hop. Students could attend during one academic period during the day. It’s possible this activity could go through BOCES to share expenses.

Estimated expenses are the following:

  • Artist – $500 day and $100 for supplies
  • DJ – $1200 to present a history of hip-hop
  • About $900 in expenses for KLSD ArtsALIVE

Other items discussed regarding potential student activities:

  • Vinnie described “A Day of Music” at JJHS during which different groups would perform throughout the school
  • “Meet the Artist” would be a day students would have their work presented/showcased
  • Mini concerts and a “Day of Scenes” for the theatre groups to feature their work
  • Monica offered to meet with JJMS students to start a student board with 6,7,8th graders – OK if it’s a committee and not a club; need determine the group’s role if ArtsALIVE wants to start a committee at JJMS

Increase Miller update – Topaz LeTourneau

  • A 3-day fundraiser for the theatre and art programs made over $600 initially
  • 5th grade PTO seemed to want to provide some support, as well
  • Holiday Fair may make enough money to buy something from the theatre wish list
  • IM PTO president also offered support
  • Maureen will set up a separate account exclusively for the Increase Miller-related funds

Committee Updates


Colleen reported that the membership drive is compete. Amanda has been working on pulling up all members and contacting producers to give them the option to have shining stars. This should be finished by November 17th.


Children’s Choir Update

  • Trying to identify a venue for children to perform
  • Reviewed the expected costs – approximately $240 to perform at the Women’s Civic Community Center
  • Also discussed other possible locations including the Bedford Community House and by the Bedford train station
  • Around 25 kids have registered
  • Sona Minasian, a JJHS senior, will be the pianist
  • There will be one final push to try and recruit more students
  • Topaz will put together a list for Monica of middle schoolers who are in the choir and would need child care between school and rehearsal

District Calendar:

Colleen reviewed the upcoming events at JJHS and JJMS. A sign-up has been sent out for concessions, both to provide baked goods and to help cover the sales table. Liz will purchase the flowers for both the HS and MS shows. Help is also needed to sell flowers.

Smart Art Discussion Series:

Coleen and Maureen  provided an update on the initial Smart Art seminar. While the event raised $124, we ran a $1376 deficit due to related expenses; the speaker should be giving AA some of the proceeds from her book sales; about 20 people attended the event; it was suggested to always have an evening event on a Thursday.

It was decided that future Smart Art seminars will be discussed at next board meeting.


There being no other business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned by Colleen at 8:15 PM.



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