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Minutes: KLSD ArtsALIVE Board of Directors Meeting June 11, 2019

KLSD ArtsALIVE Board of Directors Meeting

June 11, 2019

Call to Order:

KLSD ArtsALIVE Co-President Colleen Cerami called the regular meeting of the KLSD ArtsALIVE Board to order at 4:00 p.m. at the John Jay High School ACR conference room.

Roll Call:

The following Board Members / Committee Reps were present:

  • Maureen Birmingham
  • Julie Oyen
  • Colleen Cerami-Siegel
  • Vinnie Bell
  • Liz Gebbia
  • Andrew Meikle
  • Topaz LeTourneau
  • Alison Ganis
  • Angelina Cerami
  • Mary Ann Davis
  • Barbara Milone

The following Board Members / Committee Reps were not present:

  • Dr. Steven Siciliano
  • Lauren Doyle
  • Sorin Klares
  • Jen Dembo
  • Lori McQuade
  • Kathleen Fay Wisehart
  • Gia Miller
  • Margaret Adasko
  • Deb Spieler
  • Marcia Daley-Savo
  • Diane Richman
  • Monica Bermiss
  • Amanda Godsoe
  • Sarah McMahon, Student Rep

Incoming Committee Reps present:

  • Jo-Ellen Holbrook
  • Mary Beth Johnston

Colleen opened the meeting by thanking all those in attendance and presenting the 2019-2020 slate of officers, which was listed on the agenda:

Voting Board Members 2019-2020                                                                          

  • President – Colleen Cerami Segal
  • Vice President – Andrew Meikle
  • Recording Secretary – Liz Gebbia
  • Corresponding Secretary – Barbara Milone
  • Treasurer – Maureen Birmingham
  • Lead School Rep – Topaz LeTourneau
  • Website Management – Amanda Godsoe

Colleen also reviewed the new list of incoming Committee Members:

Committee Members 2019-2020

  • Membership Director – Anmarie Galgano
  • Newsletter Committee Leader – Jenny Nelson
  • Director of Hospitality – Alison Ganis
  • Individual Giving – Jo-Ellen Holbrook
  • IMES Rep and Lead Rep- Topaz LeTourneau
  • JJMS Rep – Mary Beth Johnston
  • KES Rep – Lauren Doyle
  • Meadow Pond Rep – Amanda Dickerson
  • Sports Booster Liaison – Kirby Halaifonua 

Teacher Grant Request Review:

Vinnie Bell presented a grant request from Zach Fisher, which was submitted to fund a wilderness class. He explained that the grant would be used to illustrate how individuals can use nature to survive. He noted that this grant has been approved in the past, and it was also approved as part of Arts in Ed for next year.

As Arts in Ed will cover $500 of the cost, the group discussed what would be an appropriate amount for ArtsALIVE to provide. If ArtsALIVE is not able to fund the remaining portion needed for the program, the requestor may seek funding from the English dept. Maureen Birmingham motioned and Barbara Milone seconded for ArtsALIVE to provide $500 in funding for the program.                                                                                                             Approved                                        

Student Board Update

Angelina Cerami provided an update on the ArtsALIVE student board representatives for 2019-2020:

  • Angelina Cerami, President
  • Jools Dembo, Vice President
  • Jamie Meikle, Secretary
  • Sawyer Reed, Fundraising
  • Jasper Meikle, Representative of the Visual Arts
  • Lily Oyen, Representative of Music Tech
  • Scott Weinstein, Representative of Music
  • TBA, Representative of Literature

Angela also reported that JJHS Faculty Member Amanda Urban will remain as Student Board Moderator.  

Approval of April and May Meeting Minutes:

The minutes from the April KLSD ArtsALIVE Board Meeting were approved with a motion from Liz Gebbia, seconded by Barbara Milone with no opposition from voting members. Minutes from the May KLSD ArtsALIVE Board Meeting were approved with a motion from Maureen Birmingham, seconded by Liz Gebbia with no opposition from voting members.

Slate of Officers for 2019-2020 Academic Year:

Colleen reviewed the list of voting board members for the coming year, which were also listed on the meeting agenda. Julie Oyen motioned and Barbara Milone seconded to accept the incoming slate of officers as presented.                                                                        Approved

Variety Show Recap:

Liz and Maureen provided the group with an overview of the JJHS Variety Show, which was a great success. Acts included rock bands, dance numbers, classical performances, and acapella groups. Freshmen through seniors participated in the show and ArtsALIVE handled the concessions for each night. There were two evening performances, both of which were well attended by current students, alumni, parents, etc.

Other Business:

Colleen shared an email from music teacher Amy Geiger in which Amy thanked ArtsALIVE for funding the annual student trip to Lincoln Center. Ms. Geiger noted it was the best trip of the year and that ArtsALIVE is a true partner with the arts at JJHS.

Concerning summer activities, voting members will meet to discuss plans for the upcoming school year, and then meet with committee leads. There will also be 1-2 social events for the overall group and their spouses.


There being no other business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 4:25 p.m. The group was then invited to attend the year-end ArtsALIVE awards reception which recognized both students and faculty for their contributions and/or achievement in the arts.

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