Encore Cabaret 2 Was a Hit!

The show was a huge success! Here is the cast photo, taken by Sam Fischer. Apologies for not having a stage crew and JJTV crew photo – they all did a phenomenal job!
EC2 2014 Cast Photo By Sam Fischer Click here for more great photos at JJTV.

Andre Catrini – Musical Director
Tomm Polos – Master of Ceremonies
Scott Hickey – Technical Director

Cast – in order of appearance:

Nola Donkin
Yanni Metaxas
Emma Wellington
Ellie Martino
Carly Dieck
Isaac Sims
Evan McReddie
Kai Davino Collins
Christina Martino
Carly Post
John Anthony Loffredo
Charlotte Thompson
Amanda Catrini
Abigail Gabor
Jackson Ruzzo
Keely Bochicchio-Sipos
Morgan Milone
Ben Moss
Lucy Moss
Jenna Zitomer
Kaitlin Simonides
Thomas DeVittorio
Kristin Kelleher

Zander Bolgar
Liz Brozski
Dylan Citron
Charlie Clark
Brendan Cullen
Michael Hagen
Sarah Herdrich
Emily Ivy
Tim Morris
Russell Ohnemus

John Jay TV Crew
Jeremy Fischer
Sam Fischer
Jessica Li
Sam Wolfson

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